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March 23, 2012

Número Uno

Back in the mid-nineties soon after I got my motorbike license; I picked up this fun ride to gain experience toting around London. The fates must have known I would one day own an old British classic as this Italian Cagiva 125cc had it’s fair share on mechanical and electrical foibles. It was a screaming two-stroke with low plump seat, hefty back wheel and a somewhat smile inducing ride. On the open road it had a speed of its own measured by the calendar. It could manage single digit A roads but no more.I tried the M4 for 50 miles but even with feet back on the passenger pegs, a prone riding position and thrashing it on the downhills the traffic cruising along at eighty sped ahead with ease. A city-bred roadster this was, and ideal for learning the craft of basic road sense too!