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June 19, 2012

Three by Three

Triumph is now know for its triple engines. This layout harks back to the late sixties when, in an attempt to compete against the Japanese inline fours, they developed the 750cc Trident. In racing guise it was of course a phenomenal machine under the capable hands of racers of the day such as Malcolm Uphill with machines such as Sliperry Sam. Here’s a nice clean original example of a T160V seen at the bike rally.

Though not a direct Moto DNA, the triple layout was used in the rebirth of Triumph in  a modular fashion. Several models were created around a 900cc lump with different tuning depending on the final riding needs. Here I saw a chromed Adventurer with low seat glossy tank and classic lines. An enjoyable day on any road could be had on this machine…

..meanwhile along the lines of endless Triumphs was another beauty of a moto: the Sport, blacked out engine cases, lower bars and rearsets gave an off-the-shelf cafe vibe. In red this bike certainly looks the part at the Mods and Rockers meet! As i”ve mentioned before those three into two pipes are stunning. The new Bonnie looks on behind. Of the two I’d take the Sport.

There was of course other models in the triple engined line-up: the ‘new’ Trident; the Trophy; the Daytona; and the Tiger. These gave the discerning motorcyclist a diverse choice for day-to-day riding, touring, racing and some adventure riding respectively. The aforementioned Adventurer and Sport were the cruising cafe racin’ show-off motos for the cool kids!