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April 24, 2013

Box o’ Cogs

During the autopsy of the engine I’m getting to know the expected innards and their expected workings and their mechanical interactions. The cams turning rotational energies into linear to open and close the breathing valves up above. A worm gear spinning an eccentric pin to drive an oil pump piston. The other end of the worm drive spins the distributor getting a signal to separate ignition parts and subsequent spark to the cylinder. Then at the other end after the clutch, the main shaft and lay shaft of gears to allow for alternate gearing to ensure correct power gets to the rear drive wheel. A could of other controls interacting with the gearbox being a pawled kick starter and sneck pinned shifting mechanism to shift those aforementioned gears. All fairly straight forward and neatly contained in the engine cases.


Can you rub your belly while scratching your head?