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May 26, 2013

A slice of orange peel

This is the ‘seen better days’ chassis I picked up yesterday. It has the front fork I need, a nice chunky rear alloy rim, hubs front and back, and a few more bolts. It looks as though it had a fun previous life though!


WD40 was liberally applied and the bolts are freeing up nicely. I’m about 75% there with major parts I think.

May 26, 2013

Buzz Beezas

I took a drive out to pick up my Cub frame and wheels from the suburbs (more on that at a later date). The fella who’d brought the frame into the Chicagoland was Buzz Walneck; as soon as we got there he opened his garage to reveal an Aladdins Cave of two-wheeled wonder. A bevy of BSA’s sandwiching a X75 Hurricane sat at one end. The racing Clubman in the foreground was hard to take your eyes off, the orange and yeller Triumph triple included a Craig Vetter signature on the tank, and the far moto was a 500 single Catalina, the off-road version of the foreground item. All in fine condition. Beautiful machines! Well, we got the frame home… WD40 soaking some crusty bolts…