Buzz Beezas

I took a drive out to pick up my Cub frame and wheels from the suburbs (more on that at a later date). The fella who’d brought the frame into the Chicagoland was Buzz Walneck; as soon as we got there he opened his garage to reveal an Aladdins Cave of two-wheeled wonder. A bevy of BSA’s sandwiching a X75 Hurricane sat at one end. The racing Clubman in the foreground was hard to take your eyes off, the orange and yeller Triumph triple included a Craig Vetter signature on the tank, and the far moto was a 500 single Catalina, the off-road version of the foreground item. All in fine condition. Beautiful machines! Well, we got the frame home… WD40 soaking some crusty bolts…



One Comment to “Buzz Beezas”

  1. Be still my beating heart..
    I’d do time.. just to own a Goldie.. Like soooo many others I missed the boat and, sadly, they’re now crazy money.. £15k to £20k in the UK. [say $23k -30k] And yer man has two stuffed in the workshop.. and not even tidy like.!
    Bugger eh.?

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