Budding Wheelwright

Today the wheels were released from their tight hold in the frame. The front one was also stripped of its oxide adorned rim. I cut the 40 spokes so the hub was quickly freed allowing it to be subsequently serviced and eventually rebuilt it with a more appropriate 21″ alloy rim (its standard 19″ is small for trials geometry). There was some very stubborn bolts that needed plenty of grunt behind the spanner but eventually surrendered their rusty bite!


Looking forward to the lacing, truing and reshodding of the front wheel.

2 Comments to “Budding Wheelwright”

  1. Yo Bro..
    From the above, it sounds as tho’ you intend to re-spoke the wheel[s] yourself. Is this correct.?
    More to the point.. is this wise.? Bit of a skill thing going on here. Not being rude or arsey.. just saying.

    • I’ve built and trued bicycle wheels before; they’re more slender and require careful tensioning. I’ll take my time with the motorcycle wheel though. Thanks for asking

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