Fact Card

Back when I were lad we didn’t have computers and mobile devices for information. If you wanted to find something out you went to the library . not with Google Wikipedia and whatnot it’s all at our fingertips, or even voice with an iphone or my nexus. Well, back then someone had a smart idea of creating collectible data cards on all manner of things, the natural world (4,000 cards in all!), recipes and of course motorcycles. You’d start off with a couple of dozen glossy colour printed index cards and a plastic card holder and clear cover, then before long, well month by month, with subscription from Atlas, you’d have a wealth of data enviable with your marras.


The front of the fiche was a picture with year and country of origin. The back listed specifications and typical performance. Ah halcyon days pre interweb!

Now the panini stickers were another thing from the schoolyard! “Swap you my Peter Shilton for your Kevin Keegan”.


Nice hair Kev!

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