Over ‘ere son; on the ‘ead!

Trying to look like some latter day McQueen here’s football star David Beckham taking to the streets, dirt and studio on a variety of two-wheeled motos. First off a classic pose with a knobbly tired Husky, ready for a day in the desert? Needs a bit more grime under the nails I think…


The black and white imagery is nevertheless timeless.


Another ride in the Hollywood Hills with half face lid stylin’ on a Norton. A clean example with open primary case.


Finally, and appropriately for this blog, more of a photoshoot, he’s atop a vintage Triumph. I don’t know if its jeans, boots or even hair product, he’s promoting, but the bike sure looks splendid. Ready for a vintage track meet.



Posh on pillion? Nah, don’t think so!

5 Comments to “Over ‘ere son; on the ‘ead!”

  1. Yo Davie..
    What a tosser..
    He looks soooo unhappy.. well you would be too if you was married to that po-faced bint.. Posh my ar… !
    This is Becks’ as “.modeerl”.. for sure, looking at his clutch hand in readiness, it’s all a bit wobbly and in his wobbly condition.. those daft Tshirts won’t save his equally daft tatoo’s. Englands’ finest.. I ask you.
    Gawd help us.
    To be fair, I think he was a super soccer player, world class really and we [UK/England] don’t get many home grown.. and he seems a very nice fellow, lovely with his boys. But, the social aspirations and gaffe’s, the awful tats’ and.. Posh! OMG !
    Leaving all that aside.. the last two photo’s show a class bike.. not valued for years, now in real demand.. A Mreiden Triumph GP500.. late 40’s, with a lot of period racing history behind it and a Manx GP win back in the day. Delicious..
    Trust you’se are all well. All OK here, I’m going up to Perth for the Scottish Game Fair this mis-week, and then quickly bach home on the Friday evening for our local village show on Saturday.. a must MUST do event!
    And the weather has reverted to o’cast, cool, drizzly.. nowt new there then.?
    The English summer.. the loveliest country anywhere and CRAP weather. hey ho..
    Best regards
    Oh yes! while I remember.. I buy a Bike magazine, the paper version, called Benzina.. mostly regarding Italian tackle.. they need lots of support. Do have a decko on their blog if you can.. recommended
    B x

    • About the GP Triumph..
      I meant to say.. but you knew that, eh not !

    • I’m sure the two wheeled bad boy rider look improves his Beverly Hills stature. We’ll see him in movies before long… Look at Vinny Jones! I just fancy going to a good agg show or Highland Games. Hope you had fun at yours! It was good bikin’ weather today… And I made the most of it. Dave

  2. This is loopy.!
    I also meant to say, the race was the 1946 Senior Manx and the winning rider was one Ernie Lyons. An Irishman, a lovely man.. still with us at 98 and now in a care home. Happy days..

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