The Cats Meow

The weather was ten out of ten today; blue skies, a few scudding clouded and a cooling breeze off the lake. June blossom gave the leafy roads a memory enchanting swoon. Not too busy roads and an engine ticking like a swiss clock. Lake county roads through a rolling horse country gave a suitable foil to a great ride. No photos but just before heading out a superb example of one of the most beautiful car ever built: an E Type Jaguar. Its cat like maw and sleek body evoke speed.


The owner was there and discussed his grin inducing enjoyment of driving it. His father purchased it new in ’74 and it was immaculate down to the V-12 growl as it purred off down the road.


This 5.3l Series 3 was the last year of the car Enzo Ferrari called “the most beautiful car ever made”. Well, for a perfect summer day, the perfect drive. Now between a 911 and an XKE….. Hmm… Ali, Marciano? Stones, Beatles? Take yer pick?

5 Comments to “The Cats Meow”

  1. Jaguar! The car you buy will not be the car you own – because you will have replaced all moving parts within 5 years. Have you noticed how Jaguar mechanics don’t drive them?

  2. I can’t let this go by and not say something.. traitors!
    1] Jaguar XK120 fhc.. modernised for modern traffic.. the McClaren F1 of it’s day and STILL staggeringly lovely.. mine in Powder Blue please.
    2] Jaguar XKR convertible.. the local dealer is an old friend, and gave me the use of the demonstrator for a week-end. There probably aren’t words really but STUNNING will do. 510bhp and about 20-22 mpg..
    Tho’ I’m a full-on bike man, .I do enjoy cars, and nobody cares more about British goods than I do.. early Jags’ in the Americas’ didn’t do well, because, as J.Leno tells us in his excellent films [do you watch Jay Leno’s garage..? tremendous.. a real petrol-heads view of life.. do try them ] the then US garage mechanics could’t handle the Jags because they’d been raised on lazy V8’s.. as a consequence, they were forever damned.
    But you can’t put that tag on the modern product.. they’ve won quality awards on every continent. And ARE tremendous.!
    For some years. I drove as a delivery driver for a private dealer, who traded in.. Exotics! He was struggling to find a reliable driver for week-end work. He was a former racing driver, an old pal and an all-round lovely guy.. NOT an Arfur Daley !
    Would I give it ago.? Weeeeeeeeeell ok.. I ‘d have done it for free.. and I still had week-ends when I wanted them. Most cars were from awful to lovely.. all exciting.. but I’d stick with Porsche and Jaguar for everyday drivers.. most of the rest are about as much use as a snowmobile on the beach !
    Sadly, he died just a few years ago, and the business was folded. So, my drip feed of M3’s and the rest ended. Hey ho..
    Can I commend again “BENZINA” to you and.. a website you and Wombat might enjoy.. a UK site.. THE OLD RACING CAR COMPANY. The trader, Roy Kent, is another lovely man and again.. not an Arfur Daley.! Just see what he’s got for you, cos’ you won’t see it anywhere else..

    • Bill, ye lucky bugger ye! Getting to drive a plethora of voiture-exotique… A Jag is for the blighty countryside and a neunelfer for the alpenstrasse between Bavaria and the finger Lagos in Italy. … And the Aston? Well the Aston is for Sundays! But the sound of that v12 yesterday, like an Elgar to the ear… Pure music. Best Dave

  3. Just to add something..
    How people are when you turn up with a fab’ car for them..
    1] “Oh come on in lad/son.. have you eaten/can I get you something..? Then I’ll get you back to the [Railway] station.. Ok?
    2] Thank you. [me..] Erm.. right then.. ok. Right. erm..ok.. [walks away dejectedly] Twat!
    B x

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