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July 2, 2013

Airborne Auxiliary Power Plant

“A-squared P-squared”. A little more information on that GP engine. In a detuned state chugging along at 3000 rpm it originally provided rotation for the generators used to charge the batteries powering electrical equipment aboard the Lancaster bomber. The Lanc: Arthur “Bomber” Harris’ chosen tool of terror his ‘Shining Sword’. Its four Merlin engines and elegant form in flight making it one of the most successful bombers carrying Dambusting bouncing bombs, U-Boat pen penetrating Tallboys (also used on the Tirpitz) and many thousands of tons of munitions.


Watch Richard Todd as Guy Gibson in the classic Dambusters movie and you’ll get the picture!
Back to our subject at hand- the generator… Here’s a marvelous and ‘restricted’ cutaway drawing of the unit. Showing fuel tank, oil tank, cylinders, head, crank, generator … The working Gubbins.


…. I can hear ‘The Dambusters March’ playing in my head whilst typing this… Duuum dum DA dum dum DA dum dum…