Swallow Sidecars & Amazons

On its release Enzo Ferrari called the E-Type “the most beautiful car ever made”. Many agree; me too. Its shape is one of pure perfection from all angles, all the curves flow as one in sinuous beauty.


Its aeronautical inspired streamlining derive from the eye of Malcolm Sayer 1916-1970 who’s vision derived to fine style the C, D and E Types as well as the godly XJ13 and XJS. Aircraft design borne principles were utilized to magnificent effect on the roads and race tracks of England.


A 4.2l powerplant could take a leadfoot from zero to sixty in about seven seconds topping out at a ton and a half with the 265bhp under that l-o-n-g bonnet (on a good day, with a factory fettled car).


Like the Spitfire the entire front end flipped up for adequate access to the inline six and its triplet of carburettors.

Swallow Sidecars was the original name of Jaguar cars before the war however the initials SS had different connotations after then so a 30’s model name was chosen for the new company brand. A cat was a good choice!

The Amazon? That’ll be 36D-22-36 to you sonny Jim; Norma Jean to the world.


The E-Type arrived in ’61, M.M. left us in ’62… Do you believe in reincarnation?


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