Systematic Versatility

Versatile Green Kawasaki: out and about in the South Side this travel worthy Kwak appealed to my senses. Its their middleweight parallel twin 650 with a good upright stance ready for the open road. This owner has added suitable panniers and top box for toting ‘stuff’.


Tall windscreen; big lights, twin disc front stoppers, engine guard, knuckle protectors: just needs a tankful and a tariff destination.


Its actually a nice modern iteration of the Triumph 650 Trophy of the early seventies. Or indeed the short lived, but undersung Triumph TR5T. 500cc trailie



The name Versys is a portmanteau of Versatile System: good name! Eight grand and she’s yours! Not bad!


One Comment to “Systematic Versatility”

  1. At LAST.. the magnificent but “undersung” [great phrase.!] TR5T.. the best post-war of all Triumphs.. IMNVHO.!!
    I am utterly convinced that.. if Triumph had developed the TR5T earlier, got some weight off it [30-40 lbs], fitted a true cross-country 5 speed box [NOT the standard Daytona gearset it did have]..
    Then, this beautiful little bike would have held off the incoming Japanese flood of Trail bikes.. think back to that period.? They had the daytona ready by the late 60’s.. and a fine bike it was too. Had they done my fave’.. in tandem with my tweaks.. it could have bought them some time. But.. it’s all wishful thinking for many of us out here, isn’t it..
    The real PROBLEM was the BSA Board which managed BSA and Triumph. Triumphs late MD, Edward Turner,altho’ retired, held sway over the company and was a board member. He didn’t want HIS design [1930’s T100], damaged in any way, and thereby HIS standing and reputation. And in doing so he unquestionably held back Triumph for years, and that, in it’s way brought down the Company. Tragic.. The Honda 750/4 had just arrived and the Kawasaki 900 was incoming.. Triumph had no answers..
    However, there is always good comes out of shit.. [it says here.!]
    The TR5T is becoming appreciated for what it is.. a jewel.. Paul d’Orleans bought one last year and he tells me he loves it and it is his daily driver [driver.?]. With that in mind cuz.. I would implore you to check out a UK site.. D & C Classics.. the owner is in Yorkshire and restores these bikes and also builds new Triumph Trials twins and other Trials stuff. And he IS a lovely man.
    You need to look at “Bikes for sale” otherwise you’ll be going on guided trips round Yorkshire.!
    Do try the site.. and let me know how you get on, what you think.
    Weather here is lovely, soft sunny autumn day.. madam [Amanda] and I are off out for a good long walk, then back in time to watch MotoGP..and she has become quite a fan..[I already know the result.. but she doesn’t.. and she doesn’t know I know.. so don’t tell her.!]
    Regards ever and have a fab’ WE

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