Falling Up

Autumn weather can be questionable at times… Especially when trying to grab a late season ride. A mix of gray skies, spitting rain with an occasional breath of pale sun followed our short ride north this afternoon.


The bikes were raring to go too; seen here whilst we stop for a warming pumpkin spice latte.


Smiles abound with fall color’d roads though!

One Comment to “Falling Up”

  1. Yo Dave son..
    Great photo.. one for the sideboard, I think.. and certainly one to send home to the family.
    As a keen photographer, I love the candidness of the portrait. Nice one.
    And the accompanying Triumph in the first phot.. does it belong to a friend.? I was rather taken with the pipes.
    If you are familiar with that bike.. do you have other shots.? Is the pipe-run siamesed.?
    Anyway, time to go..
    I did not see any reply to my comments on the TR5T..? hmmmmm.

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