A Knightly Motorcycle?


“Arise Sir Daytona…” Here’s a snap from the recent motorcycle show where Prince William spent a bit of time at the Triumph display.  
Could we see a moto in the New Years honors list?

One Comment to “A Knightly Motorcycle?”

  1. Happy Christmas Eve….eve.?
    We have spoken of this biking prince before my friend.. he was quite the boy whizzing around Londinium in the quiet[er] hours on his Ducati’s..
    Tho’ to be honest, altho’ it hasn’t been openly mentioned in the “glossy” mags’.. I rather feel now that he has given up military duties for courtly ones and is working directly to take the workload off our aging queen, the family business has taken over There is also the issue of his marriage and fatherhood of a further Royal prince.
    I somehow feel his biking future is in the past.. the courtiers and common sense will surely tell him.. no longer appropriate Sir, not for you.. I am equally sure Kate wouldn’t stop him, she has been photo’d on the back on a number of occasions.. happy days, being daft and so young. How lovely..
    What is NOT lovely is the continuing neglect of John Surtees, who as you know is this the only man who holds both Moto GP and F1 world titles.. something which will surely never happen again.. given the way motorsport of both disciplines has fragmented since his hey-day.
    Whether it is deliberate on the part of the establishment.. or some other reason[s].. who knows.? But what is certain is the amount of effort JS has put into promoting this country’s motorsport and engineering industries.. like S.Moss he is on the case continually.. tho’ perhaps for Moss it is more of a long holiday.?
    Surtees is a national treasure and will be 80yo this year.. think of that.? He was just 22 when he left Norton and went to MV.. very young in those days.. and what a record. His treatment in a country where every conductor of any major orchestra automatically gets a KBE.. where Bruce berluddy Forsyth got one when the cheap papers here whipped up a campaign for him Sir Bruce “Nice ter ser yer.. ter see yer.. for gawds sake.!
    There has been an e-petition available for a while and I think over 100k have signed it.. whether that will do the trick remains to be seen.? But it should not have ever come to that.. not where every pushy businessman on the make expects one and a national hero is so neglected. There are some things in life that so sadden me,,
    But Santa is coming.. getting closer,,
    I’ll be in touch.. so will he,!

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