in Deutschland gemacht

The early break-away arm of Triumph that developed in Germany had a few smaller machines just right for the continental two-wheeled lifestyle.

It looks like Cupid’s arrow will shoot an arrow into any speedsters heart here. Crisp pen and ink graphics with speed lines, spinning wheels and a determined rider. On a lighter note: all can enjoy the range if mooed, combination or roadster and have fun at the sane time.

These engines use a split barreled single two-stroke engine. Utilizing a single combustion chamber and two pistons. The company TWR or Triumph-Werke Nürnberg AG produced these models such as the 200cc Cornet and 350cc Boss from the thirties thought to the fifties when the company was swallowed by Grundig, a typewriter manufacturer… (Now yesterday’s Cub Reporter seems apt!)

Here’s a very Teutonic machine ready for serious typing.


Still lovely graphics though on latter advertising in the sixties…

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