*Normal service to this blog will resume momentarily; in the meantime enjoy this Triumph Thruxton ‘strip art’.

I’ve got a bleedin’ cold with a runny nose, stuffy heid and volcanic sneezin’!

2 Comments to “nasopharyngitis.”

  1. Hayfever.?
    It sounds like..
    Sorry you feel shit, but.. do you have Hayfever pills in the house.?
    If NOT.. send madam out for “Cetirizine Hydrochloride” should fix anything and is the standard fix for HF. Be better in no time at all.
    And keep them handy for another do.
    Hayfever strikes as a first-timer at any age.. me 50+, madam 35 ish. No warning and never before.
    Bugger.And finally.. I regularly check your comments to see what’s being written, other than me..
    Are you aware that adverts are now appearing on this page.. as my comments return to you are said adverts [4 small boxes to form a square..] appearing at your end.?
    Begs the question.. have you sold out to the dark side.?
    Hope you are better soon.

    • Common Cold Bill! The ads allow the blog to be free..
      I have no control over that… I don’t see what adverts show up either; with cookies they are probably aimed at The reader of the blog.

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