‘Gin & Tonic

The pieces fit together as planned; well, mostly. That is what the soft blow hammer is for, to encourage the required mating of the Cub engine components.


Today the case halves were reunited again with enclosed crankshaft. Chilled bearings were driven home, oil seals installed and the main gear spindle with drive sprocket, and the weighty big-end threaded correctly to its bushing, then the cases buttoned up with a smear of liquid gasket and nine peripheral bolts tightened in the workshop manual recommended ‘star’ tightening pattern.


Timing side pinion bolted directly to the crank, tappets slid up to their home and the timing cams and gear meshed according to marks.


I’m on a roll! Cylinder studs threaded down into the lower, piston aligned with gudgeon pin and circlip retainers popped in. Barrel dropped into place minding that the piston rings seat between the piston and barrel wall itself.

That’s enough for today! It all sounds like it went easily together but I don’t explain some removal, adjusting clearances, reassembling – repeat.. For a few of the steps.

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