Born of Paper, Pencil and Clay

Before computers drove the shape of the aerodynamic form it was up to the car designer to devise of the curved lines of bodywork to wrap the chassis, engine and seating compartment.


Sculpture on wheels each with a face and body as recognizable as any old family member.


Friends that always continue the conversation where you left off…


Art becomes Art. Looking at, and analyzing, the outline of these beauties, seeing how the curve flows.


There are details that become the marques signature: BMW’s central grill for example. The 2002’s shows this off well.



An E Type’s rear end complements the long engine-full front so well. Perfection!
Even a German next to an Briton looks sumptuous.


Then there’s the cockpit… That another story*


*I didn’t get any images at this car show of walnut dash and leather seat or wood steering wheel and Smiths clocks… Next time!

2 Comments to “Born of Paper, Pencil and Clay”

  1. This has been a really good series of photo’s.. thanks for posting.
    Of them all, I am a Jaguar man.. E types don’t fit me..I’m too tall. And XK 120/140 the same. However, there are tricks carried out by modern [quality] restorers who cut out the rear bulkhead and set it further back, put seat rails on the floor to gain movement and then,cut out the drivers pedal-box and replace with an extended model to gain up to 6″ of additional legroom.
    And it really works.! I have tried one. You and I could easily get in one where previously.. NO chance.!
    On that basis.. I’ll have an XK120 fhc please in SE trim.. in its day the worlds most beautiful motor car.
    I used to get a ride home in one as a sweaty schoolboy after Rugby training. I have never forgotten it.. it lives within me.
    Fabulous.. tho’ I’m certain a modern day Cayman would see one off.!

  2. Once a Jaguar owner, always a Jaguar owner. Lets hope the NEXT model learns from its current design mistakes and reverts to an unmissable Jaguar design.

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