The Scrounger


RIP James Garner 1928-2014. One of most laid back Hollywood dudes out there; an effortless charm and good looks too. Whether you remember him from his Maverick days as the titular gambler Bret; or the Pontiac Firebird Esprit driving private eye Jim Rockford, he certainly had a strong worthy character whomever he was playing.


Of course I remember him as Hendley; requested items acquisition… Or Scrounger. Here he is pillion with buddy Steve McQueen and James Coburn in the chair.
His racing career both on and off the screen peaked with the magnificent Grand Prix, the legendary John Frankenheimer film about racing life given pure sixties graphic treatment by the Saul Bass cinematography on 70mm. Garner ad Pete Aron.


2 Comments to “The Scrounger”

  1. Thank you for this.. I’ve just seen it in the UK press today.
    Very sad news, but a long life and WELL lived.. very successful. In a quiet way, but with greater longevity than many of the 1st division names. Never a McQueen, but then he didn’t need to be.
    Here in the UK, without the US vibe.. he always seemed such a nice guy, a lovely chap.. SO good looking. Drat!.
    Perhaps it was the Rockford thing, which in period.. in my crowd, was essential viewing.. perhaps it was just the laid back, laconic attitude he brought to everything He made the schlocker “Grand Prix” and got a lot of movie time in it, great exposure..
    [However.. we got Francoise Hardy.! Sigh.. I’ve loved her for 50 years almost. I’ve never told her, tho’ I think she knows.?]
    As a man of a certain age and NO gay notions whatsoever.. I think I can safely say that of movie luminaries.. I loved him.
    Grand fellow I think, perhaps as a pal or a mega neighbour. That’s how I think of him.
    Gone to glory.
    Happy days.

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