TriBSA trials


After a disastrous show at the Isle of Man ISDT in  ’65 the British manufacturers joined forces to prepare Arthur Lampkin to take on the world in a factory special.


Here’s a complete article about the gilded history of this machine:

2 Comments to “TriBSA trials”

  1. A lovely bike, if rather workmanlike in it’s plain looks. But soooooo effective.
    And ultimately it went on to become what I and many believe to be the best post-war bike Triumph ever made.. and THAT is saying something, given the range and successes of the TR bikes all over the world..
    The Gold medal winning and utterly gorgeous TR5T of 1973-74.
    A beauty.. and if only Triumph had…..

    • Triumph should make a lightweight Scrambler with alloy tank and other ISDT nonsense. I enjoyed the Small Heath – Meriden rivalry that kinda scuppered their future racing chances. But it also sounds like BSA being an arms manufacturer couldn’t sell to the eastern bloc.
      Some future project of mine is a desert iron, but I prefer this as a model….
      Dusting’s of snow here now… Hip flask weather!

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