Specialized & Utilitarian


Here’s some well-lit studio portraits of the pure ISDT tool.


Set up for timed route finding over a range of road and trail conditions displaying riding and mechanical skills both. Gold medals are hard to come by.


Compressed air cylinder for tire inflation.



Looking good from all sides.

One Comment to “Specialized & Utilitarian”

  1. This and the previous TriBSA article are amongst the best you done in some time.
    A little more technical detail here for these photo’s would have been welcome.. just saying.
    But they are super photo’s and I can’t ever recall seeing them before.?
    On the TriBSA post I described this bike as being workmanlike.. which it clearly is.. but really what a beauty.
    I would love this bike to live with me..
    However, I would more than happily settle for a Triumph TR5T.. yellow panel tank would be just lovely, thank you.
    Have a great WE.

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