Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right


I spent today drafting planting plans, devising associated details and writing specifications. No ‘phones ringing to distract me! So I put on some Dylan music to hustle the hours along. Worked like a charm!

One Comment to “Don’t Think Twice It’s All Right”

  1. Now that was interesting.
    Am I right in thinking that you are a landscape architect working on larger projects in the main.? I’m sure you have told me that before.
    However, are you also able to draw up designs and planting schemes for a household garden, if desired/asked/cajoled..for £$.?
    We both love motorcycles, and Porsches and for me, old Jaguars.. ss100~ Etype.. however I also have had a lifelong love of [traditional ] architecture and interior design and.. garden design.
    Before I leave this world I have 2 ambitions [ it is so never going to happen.!] and that is to build 2 houses with associated gardens.
    One in the timber framed style.. medieval if you will, and the other a true Georgian.. hey ho.
    If you have 5 mins [?] have a look at the site for Oakwrights timber framed houses uk. Niiiiiiice.
    So far as you know.. is there a “David Austin” rose supply facility for domestic and commercial supply in the states.?
    Google his site.. the worlds finest roses.. HONESTLY.!
    I sense a job/fortune opportunity here.?
    Weather lovely, but cold. At 8.20am I walked over to our hospital for an eye test, it was “bracing”.! Lovely but sharp.
    Right eye cataract op to follow. Soonish.
    Have a lovely WE.
    Do reply if you have/find time..

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