A Fit Collection

I stopped in to the foyer of Worlds Gym along Montrose Avenue earlier today. No, not to join the crowds of treadmill crunching, weight hefting fanatics! But to have a gander at a superb collection of a dozen mint vintage motorcycles. An exceptional X75 Hurricane…


…next to its standard Trident brethren.


A crimson Norton Atlas.


Nearby its papa M30 International. Black & Silver monochromatic corker.


Matchless. Clean. Stout hearted. G80.


The cats whisker. A Panther M100 Redwing. Distinctive by its sloper engine.


The collection belongs to Al Philips. An alcove behind the entry foyer had the hat trick. Three Vincents… Here’s the superlative Black Lightning.


2 Comments to “A Fit Collection”

  1. At the risk of being shouted at and told off by you for being overly pedantic..
    Can I just point out that.. Nortons in period were “Silver and Black” [not Black and white.?] right thro’ to well after postwar Manx racing days. Colour only came in the late 50’s when the factory was trying to match Triumph’s success in the America’s.
    Where do we get these young fella’s today.!?

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