The Countess and Enzo

Today marks the 81st birthday of John Surtees OBE. Undeniably one of the greats of two AND four wheel racing. He won both Grand Prix championships on motorcycles 1956, 1958, 1959 & 1960 and cars 1964. Riding and driving MV Agusta and Ferrari respectively.


Why he is not Knighted is one of the deepest mysteries of modern history… Well, he’s a Sir in many a book.


One Comment to “The Countess and Enzo”

  1. And he is most certainly a “Sir” for me.. an exceptional man.
    I have been helping to campaign for a K for “Sir John” for years.. every time a new campaign steps up.. here we go.!
    God bless him.. as an outstanding sportsman and an outstanding Englishman, he has not been forgotten or ignored.. he is not fashionable. It really is that simple.
    And to the eternal shame of the UK establishment and the airhead population who are too much bothered by tv and movie elements.

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