#TBT minus 80 years


Back in 1935 you could pick up this moto for 77 quid. About five grand in today’s money. However this tractor of a bike was a commercial failure. Being expensive, non interchangeable with other Triumphs, heavyweight sidecar hack, and competition from the Austin Seven and Morris Eight motor cars. Only a few hundred were made. Though being Triumph first parallel twin it is overshadowed by Ed Turners superior Speed Twin a couple of years later; itself the precursor to half a century of models.

2 Comments to “#TBT minus 80 years”

  1. Now then,
    Just a comment on values.. NOT a carping criticism..
    It is often shown as you have done today, a correlation between past values from 80 ish years ago into todays money.. but this is only a “cash swap around”.
    The better way to look at this I would suggest is real values.. what £77 was worth all those years ago.
    And what it was worth in most of England excepting the South-east was a great deal.
    In period this sum would have bought approx’ a quarter to a third of a cottage, and the further up country you looked the more cottage you got for your money.
    I can be precise.. in 1968 I worked as a pupil Land Agent for the old MAFF, attached to a former regular army officer, now converted to land agent. A Major from the Guards Armoured Division no less.
    We were tasked with measuring up, valuing and putting in the press former estate house to sell. Each had been built in the 1920’s with between 3-5 acres attached to form a small-holding for horticultural production. Postwar they had little relevance and were scheduled for sale.. the land being given back to the farms from which it was taken [for a pittance] in the first place.
    The asking price at this time,1968, was between £650 ~ £750.!
    Yes really.. there was no shortage of takers..
    Today those very houses here in the far north of England are worth in the area of £350K.!!
    One last note, my grandparents bought a lovely sandstone single storey cottage with 1/2 acre and some buildings in 1969 for £400.
    1969 sounds a long time ago.. but not really, only the world and it’s ways and prices have gone mad.!
    Have a great WE.

    • Bill. You’re absolutely right about the difference between fiscal worth and real world value. What did people earn back then, what was the cost if things, and also the old Lsd versus pounds and pennys? I came along just as decimalization was brought on-line but was raised by parents who still said shilling, bob, tuppence, and the like.
      And, with your property story: “land! Buy it while you can, ‘cos they’re not making any more if it…”

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