Beryl the Peryl…


I have to add more images of Beryl. With her Norwegian sweater, lipstick matching the tank paint, and eager speed she was a strong woman in the male-centric racing world. A lot of people said it wasn’t the place for a girl. Too dangerous. Or they didn’t want to share the excitement!


She was to move onto larger machines but the FIM pulled the plug. What could have been?  She worked in management for Sainsbury;


MotoLady of motoladies.

2 Comments to “Beryl the Peryl…”

  1. I meant to say yesterday, or when you did your earlier Beryl piece.
    I knew her, just a little. She used to accompany some people to our little circuit at Silloth in Cumbria.. an [ex RAF] airfield track.
    By then it was a WE away for her, because she had retired from race riding.
    I rather think she was somehow involved with the ACU in a position of sorts. I didn’t know about Sainsbury’s.
    She was a married lady, very slender, very bonny.. really nice looking girl/woman.
    My club folded in 1973 [ no money to recover the circuit tarmac.. toooo expensive.] and I never saw her again.
    I googled her just now.. born 1936 London.. died 2007 Epping. Just 71 yo.
    Nice girl, she used to come to our saturday parties at the caravan park.. they were wicked.! Hot and sweaty from dancing .. a ceilidh before people knew what they were.
    Happy days.. the BEST. All that and Manx Nortons.

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