Shades of Black


There’s a hidden gem in Austin TX for those who enjoy the finest vintage motorcycles. Harris Vincent Gallery (by appointment only). A restoration garage that specializes in those wonderful British twins. Immaculate Black Lightning, patina’d Rapide, several tarped projects, a Black Prince in the shadows… A bitsa  called Guido that was kicked into life with the growl like a panther on the prowl. Run by one-time attorney Herb Harris with a very capable team of mechanics headed by chatty Tim; it’s overriding mission is to ensure Phil Vincent’s machines stay roadworthy.


It’s like being in the room with immortals. These will pass down time, in the guardianship of their owners. Hopefully ALL will be occasionally taken out for a fast spin along the road letting their hefty engines stretch their legs.


The Shadow is an appropriate subject with the partial solar eclipse that occurred over northern Europe earlier today…

3 Comments to “Shades of Black”

  1. Well done you for going.
    Was it much of a trek.. did you have to rent a car or somesuch.?
    I stood and watched the eclipse.. here in the NW there was a bit too much cloud, but the son of the lady next door took a photo which is loudly being trumpeted as the best in the UK. I’ll try and pick it up and post it for you.
    Have a good WE.. when are you home.?

    • Texas is a big state so a car is a requirement. Though Austin is a smaller city it still sprawls. Heavy rain for the last day so just got out of Dodge this morning. I felt honored to stop in and see those bikes. The owner used to own Rollie Free’s bathing suit bike. The stripped down lightning that hit 150mph across the Salt Flats in late 40’s. I saw some excellent photos of the eclipse . pity you missed it with cloud cover. Getting home today.

  2. Hey, what a greeeaaat line Geordie – “….. just got out of Dodge this morning…” Priceless..! Wasn’t the ghost of the Duke who told you to leave was it..? 🙂 Cheers, Les

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