Eat Up & Ride


Our four legged furry pup from yesterdays posting leads us on to this pair of Hairy Bikers. It’s Si King and David Meyers. They present a cookbook show in the vein of Keith Floyd meets The Two Fat Ladies. Traveling the length and breadth of the British Isles in search of food delights of blighty. The two bikes here are immaculate stunners: Si is on an early Pre-Unit Bonnie and David a BSA Rocket Gold Star.


Other motos used include these mike munching Triumph Rocket 3. 2.3 liter heavyweight. John O’Groats is a short spin away.

2 Comments to “Eat Up & Ride”

  1. What ho,
    This is a super post about 2 super guys..
    The photo here shows 2 slim[ish] bikers probably the result of the fairly recent slimming effort they made for a tv series for the BBC.
    Previously they WERE the “2 Fat Ladies”.. with beards.. these days very big beards in the style of the moderne biking movement.
    You don’t say in the post whether you get to see them in the US, but.. they are such fun.
    And really good cooks.. really good.
    I have met them both at shows.. just walked over and introduced myself.. both very kind.
    I met Dave Myers just once and Si King three times.. and do you know when I reminded him, Si.. each time where previously.. he remembered them.. because he went on to elaborate.. so not just politeness. Nice.
    Have a great WE.. thanks for this.

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