¡Red Alert!

Triumph speed blooded Thruxton is crying out for a full fairing. But it has to be done very carefully unless it will look like a hashed bin bolted on. This example is var nigh perfect. For sale locally for $11,000 at Motoworks…

4 Comments to “¡Red Alert!”

  1. Naked is always better

  2. Good job we don’t all like the same stuff.. or even just some of it.
    This my dear is berluddy awful.. just about as bad as I’ve ever seen,, every bit as bad as 70’s sports guzzi’s fitted with none fitting stuff, back in the day.
    If you MUST have a fairing.. JUST LET THE FACTORY DO IT.!..
    They [mostly] will get it right, as opposed to Joe Public in his back yard, who has all good intentions.. and not a clue.?
    Fairing here is an abortion.. looks awful.. bad colour.
    Pipes are fabulous.. love them.
    Black wheel rims are fashionista tackle and CRAP/UGLY.. IMNVHO.
    And you know I have impeccable taste. [no comments thank you.. lets stay affectionate friends.!]
    Have a grand day. Trust both are well and my Geordie.. bouncing.!
    WF xx

  3. I’ve looked again.. Gawd help us all.

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