Red Leather

Hot day today. Low nineties. Out and about and saw this dude. He’s decided to keep cool on his mighty ruby slipper red hog: breeze across his shoulders sure must feel good. Well if ye dinnae want te wear a leather jacket in the midday sun…. Just grow yer own! Those wee moc loafers suit his attire too…


3 Comments to “Red Leather”

  1. Some folks eh.
    Perhaps its me.. getting older, but this clown is old enough to know better.
    I thought there were laws against it.. there certainly is here.. NO male undress in cars or otherwise, on the High Street etc and it is an arrestable offence.
    I wonder if this guy drops the plot would his insurers pay for his medical costs, plastic surgery etc.
    I don’t fancy his ankles chances.!
    Have a great WE.. enjoy the 90f.. about high 50f here. Crap.

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