Bee Ess Ay

BSA – Birmingham Small Arms. I enjoy seeing the other great British make on show. These sixties unit Beezas were a varied selection of their available machines that folk looking for a Triumph alternative which every bit as good as the Meriden Iron, were drawn to. These bikes utilize a superb balance of fine engineering and style.

If Triumph was the Beatles then BSA is the Rolling Stones…

Firebird 650 – high pipes, big tank, knobbly tires – desert sled?

4 Comments to “Bee Ess Ay”

  1. Many nice bikes from BSA..
    2 of my particular favourites: the 1965 [UK model] BSA Lightning Clubman 650 production racer.. very rare, only approx 200 built and really gorgeous.
    And the greatest bike the UK ever made.. the BSA Gold Star.. do everything bike.. I’ll take a mint late model DBD34 please.. update with 5 speed box and elec’ start.. lose the clip-ons and fit standard bars [oooooooooh me back.!].
    Perfect.. I’m in heaven.
    Failing that a Honda XBR 500.. if I can fit on one.? I’ve nver tried..
    Have you seen in the US press.?
    I have been shouting on various sites that Triumph need to go to 800cc with their Street Triple and Daytona to combat MV and others.. MCN have photo’s and text that such models will be released next year.!
    Keep saving..
    Have a grand day.

    • I can’t recall if I responded to this; but I’m with you on BSA’s bikes. As s once owner of the incomparable Rocket Goldstar they aren’t just an alternative to A Triumph. They are something else altogether. I try to forget why I sold the RGS. But sometimes other needs necessitate…
      800cc triumph sports models. There’s a good one!

  2. Hey Geordie/Bill. Yeah, I’m a BSA man (of course, being the proud owner of my old ’29 500cc thumper “Arthur”.) Love your Quote Geordie “….If Triumph was the Beatles, then BSA is the Rolling Stones…..”. Strikes a chord as I find the Beatles music much less satisfying now I’m older, but the opposite for the Stones who El Presidente (the wife) and I were lucky enough to see live last Summer. Very old and wrinkly…? Absolutely.! Decrepit..? Absolutely not.! Playing hardout still.? Absolutely.! Strolling Bones..? Absolutely not.! Like that DBD34 you’d love Bill – it’s still fab after all these years, sounds better with age, still turns heads, still a great vibe. Rock on…!
    Cheers, Les

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