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October 1, 2015

Three: That’s the Magic Number

Three Triples lined up: white, green & black. Like some dollar bill waiting to be spent.

Schoolhouse Rocks

Written by Blind Melon

Three is a magic number

Ya it is, it’s a magic number

Somewhere in that ancient mystic trinity

You’ll get three

As a magic number

The past, the present, the future,

Faith, and hope, and charity,

The heart, the brain, the body,

Will give you three,

It’s a magic number

It takes three legs to make a tripod or to make a table stand,

And it takes three wheels to make a vehicle called a tricycle

And every triangle has three corners,

Every triangle has three sides,

No more, no less,

You don’t have to guess

That it’s three

Can’t you see?

It’s a magic number

A man and a woman had a little baby

Yeah they did

And there were three in the family

And that’s a magic number