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October 22, 2015

Ago’s runaround

 Whilst walking the dog around the block near the office I spied this little jewel of a bike. The red tank and frame echoing the surrounding fall color as maple, elm and ash turn their foliage to signal oncoming winter.

A twin 350 MV Agusta from the early seventies it was in tip-top condition complete with factory decals   
It’s a slender thing; like a spaghetti drizzled in bolognese sauce.

Two tiny carbs feed the cylinders with nice finning and smooth covers.

Long race seat and its rearward bum stop hint that a streamlined crouched stance is needed for speed work.

Elegant triple tree, instrument cluster and clip-ons similarly denote a Moto built for higher velocities. The tank top decal denoted world championship wins. Wins by one man: Giacomo Agostini. Whose signature that is below it. Me, I’d put John Surtees John Hancock on the tank. 

Hopefully I can meet the owner and hear it start up!