Kids these days!

ABC7 news-

Benjamin and Elizabeth Neufeld’s car somehow ended up on its side on Linda Flora Drive as they were turning into the driveway of their Bel Air home on Friday. Benjamin Neufeld, 87, was able to climb out, but his 85-year-old wife, who was driving, was trapped inside the Honda.

“It didn’t skid, it didn’t slide, it didn’t bounce, it just fell over,” Ben said. 

While neighbors and witnesses rushed to help, the Neufelds posed for pictures. 
“So I’m sending her pictures while she’s trapped in this car, and Ben is right outside the car just kind of going, ‘Hey, you OK in there?,'” photographer and neighbor Cara Steinberg said. 
Elizabeth Neufeld even asked for her purse so she could take a selfie while still in the car. 
Fortunately, the couple wasn’t hurt during the accident. They have been married for more than 60 years.
Old man Ben’s trousers declined to say anything… They were quite embarrassed by the entire proceedings.

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