Sergeant Pepper

For the benefit of Mr Bike 

A show held in a fortnight in Scotland’s Lanark.

The Triumph crowd will all be there , Norton owners, BSA’s what a lark.

A few Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha will compete with Hondas for the fair oh what a jumble.

In this way Mr B will challenge the world.

Call Agnes’s on the telephone

To assure you sellers have a home to sell your bike.

And of course this is year twenty four 

for jumbles of the two wheeled sort for parts you’ll like.

Opposite the racecourse on the seventy three Mr B flies through heated hall and restaurant.

And at Lawries and Symington mart this gathering is held.

The gathering is on the floor
Through the agricultural center doors way out back

Bob McIntrye race will demonstrate,

That old bikes can circulate around a track.

Organized by the SCRMC limited 
A splendid time is guaranteed in June

But Sunday the Seventh haggis and chips are topping the bill.

(Acknowledgements to Lennon/McCartney)

One Comment to “Sergeant Pepper”

  1. Wonderful stuff Geordie…you’ve once again shown you have yet another latent talent going wanting {:–)> Call Paul up as maybe he’ll be keen to record your clever biker’s version of one of their seminal songs.. Cheers, Les ,

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