Sailing east, sailing west…

Here’s the return image of last weeks gal Friday. A-pillion with German friend at a Tridays event in Glemseck. Cafe racers gather to zoom a short 1/8 mile run, sup lager and talk motorrad.

2 Comments to “Sailing east, sailing west…”

  1. I see your Chicago dealer is having a Triumph bash.. are you going.?
    Here in my city, the local philistine who has the Triumph dealership, has finally got the new model Bonnevilles on show, with the Thruxton’s to be unveiled on saturday when they arrive.. a bit later.
    I won’t be going myself.. can’t abide the little twat.. .
    But I might look thro the window.. leave nose and handmarks on the glass. That should do then.
    Hey ho.

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