Red Adair: oil leak specialist

Black ‘n’ White & Red all over. No not a newspaper but someone’s smart Triumph Mountain Cub. Clean and spare detail with fire engine red color scheme. 

2 Comments to “Red Adair: oil leak specialist”

  1. Just to say..
    I went to our local Triumph dealers’ today to check out the new model Bonneville’s and the Thruxton’s.. [Actually, they are across the road from our local Sainsbury’s store and I just went across after food shopping.]
    I did not go in.. I could NOT bring myself to do so. I had a perfect view from the outside.. it was fine.
    I thought the Thruxton’s were STUNNING, and of the two colours there, I rather preferred the grey model. To be honest, I had originally preferred the red from the photo’s, but in the metal, I found it a little garish.?
    Grey then.
    I rather liked the new Bonneville 120’s, very everyday useful.. for the first time ever, I would buy one.. and with my own money.
    Now that IS saying something.
    What is saying something, is how heavy they are.. that is a worry. Hmmmm..

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