Light the Blue Touch Paper

The Shape of Fast: kinda scruffy, in need of attention, but all there. For sale recently on EBay this forty odd year old Metisse (Mongrel) framed Triumph needs a caring home to enable this fiberglass faired fancy to fly again.

4 Comments to “Light the Blue Touch Paper”

  1. This was a very expensive motorcycle in the day.. way beyond any factory produced bike as I recall.. [ except MV 750/4’s..?]
    I first saw one when a guy turned up at our circuit practice day.. maybe 1965/66. Rare as hens teeth then.
    I was paddock marshal for the day, in charge of releasing rider batches onto the circuit, one lot back in after so many laps.. another lot out for more mayhem.! As such I was able to cosy up to this fellow and grill him.. who, what, where , when, and some more. His sister was with him and we got on famously.
    The moment I saw the bike in the pits before practice started.. I was sold. They were SO gorgeous. I went back at the lunch break and managed to get a sit on it whilst chattering to him and making eyes at her.. prospect there son.!
    Sadly, having come for a quiet ride round at a modest track, I never saw them again.
    And although Metisse frames in the Tom Kirby stable, with Bill Ivy, Phil Read, Alan Barnett and M.Hailwood amongst others cut a dash, when Seeley frames appeared, really it was game over. The word was that the Metisse frames had too little flex in them, being derived from Scrambler usage, they were simply to stiff.!?
    However, for road use they were, in the day.. unmatched. Nothing could live with them, and that went on for all the years it took for the Japanese to catch up with the Europeans who understood frames and handling.
    It never fails to amaze me that owners allow such wonderful kit to get into such a state.. it really is beyond me.?
    A friend has owned one in this same blue for over 40 years, with a much modified, uprated 750 Bonne’ 5 speed motor in it.. was originally a 650.
    You did not mention a price, on ebay.?
    Is it still for sale, or has it gone.?
    Hell of a project. But done with love and care.. something to be proud of for a lifetime
    And finally.. chuck the ugly seat and fit instead a replica Laverda 750 SFC item.. now there is lovely.
    Enjoy what is left of your WE.

    • Lovely story Bill. Ahh what could have been. But in the words of Madame Piaf “non, je ne regrete rien!”
      I sent you the Ebay link separately. Reserve not met at $5k. Second time it’s been listed. Probably wanting over ten grand for it. You’d have the drop another 5 grand in it to do the job minimally proper. It was a race bike put away forty years ago… The fiberglass may be in a state, but the frame is in good nick.

  2. With respect David dear, that is where you may well be very wrong.?
    In what conditions has it been stored.?
    I enlarged the photo’s and what I believe I see is the effects of damp.?
    It can be seen all over the plastics.. but sadly, especially on the alloy aspects.. the motor, forks,rims etc.. to do it properly, all to be stripped and polished,, new stainless spokes etc. Fabulous.. and paint it all again.
    I rather like their BRG shade myself.
    My BIG concern however is the frame.. if the marks are accumulated dirt.. ok?
    If the marks [?] have broken thro’ the nickel plate = PROBLEM.
    The correct way would be to thoroughly cleanse the stripped frame, , and assess whether it needs the nickel stripping back and re-plating.?
    I have no wish to be a merchant of doom/gloom [?] but it really IS what is underneath the nickel.?
    But, to my mind.. it is the ultimate classic, if done beautifully, with style and panache.. forget Vincent’s and such.. this IS the one.

  3. I meant to add a Metisse site in the UK.. Rickman
    We all worry/wonder so much.. things are rarely as expensive as we think.

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