Ten past Ten

Quelle heure est il? The many faces of Triumph timepieces. One through teelve and zero to sixty; timers and calendars; velocity and minute bezels; leather strap or stainless bracelet. With smartphones watches are becoming defunct, but I’ve gone back to wearing one for ease of timekeeping. The Chronograph lives on!

5 Comments to “Ten past Ten”

  1. I own a watch or two [ahem..]
    I’m a chronograph sort of chap, with an exception for a gold dress watch I kept for “black tie” functions. But as the years went by, like me.. it went out less and less, so now lives in a box.
    It was an engagement present to me, prior to an unhappy marriage, that ended badly. I should sell it really.
    I don’t do smart phones, I’m very old fashioned and frankly enjoy being a rebel, in my little way.
    Though I can see the handiness of the creatures, the phone itself, the camera fitting, which in the main has come on in leaps and bounds, but.. that world-wide obsession with having the damned thing clamped to your/ones head at every waking moment.?
    Not for me.
    I have had nice camera’s too in the past, and at the moment, an Olympus 10 pixel pocket rocket which is super and goes everywhere I go, and a Fuji 20 pixel bridge camera which gives stunning results and weighs a half of even a modern camera and lense[s].
    The weight issue got to me in the end, having Diabetes in both hands [ and feet ], camera’s became difficult to use and lug around.
    A year or so ago, I approached the technician at our local Art college, photo department.. and asked whether he knew anyone who might be interested in old SLR equipment.?
    Yes please.! Him.!
    His department would love it.
    Apparently the older gear is the very best for teaching students to use a camera properly, for depth, perspective et al, as they have to learn to set it themselves. Job done.
    I wish you had seen his face when I arrived with a large bag, 2 Olympus camera’s [serviced and then put away, with work receipts..] and a battery of lenses and filters, 2 motor drives, and more.
    I kept the bag, it had been expensive. But the camera’s were MINT.. OM1 and OM2.. yet had so little value. Crazy world.
    I had bought a new Nikon camera and lenses, but couldn’t manage them either, so they leave for the college next.
    Having a clear out of the things that clutter up a life is a wonderful thing.. like a swim in the sea. But not.
    Happy days.. better these days.
    Love and regards to both. And George.

    • I have an older Lorus plain face (Roman Numerals) that my mother gave me for my 21st, and a digital Timex for ‘old times’ sake – the alarm is handy. I have a dive watch from my scuba days but that’s bust- but would like a nice Seiko ‘Pepsi’ to replace that. It’s a shame about what happened to camera equipment. All those desirable models we yearned for are now for pennies, but would be just for display. I went through a basic history of makes and models: Praktika, Pentax (ME Super) x2, Minolta 7000, Canon EOS, Nikons, – the last film camera I had was a ‘brassy’ edged Nikon F3- good solid camera that was just perfect. I still have a ziplock bag of film in the bottom drawer of the fridge…. my current DSLR is a decent Nikon which I use for travel. But I’m sure that will go by the wayside sometime…
      … it’s good to have a clear-out; especially knowing things are being used…
      … I need a new project Bill. What do you think? A nice BSA single? B33? Hmmm…

  2. Oh yes..
    I meant to add. I have always loved the early Hinckley Triumphs which appeared just as things were starting to get the better of me.
    In particular I would love, just LOVE the two I found here on UK ebay this week. And neither for silly money. And in the very best colour.. BRG.
    Have a grand day.



    • Both of these are lovely lookers. The polished finish of British racing green under the grey skies of blighty is sublime. You can pick these up here for a couple of grand ($) with similar mileages and upkeep. I’ve though as a nice bike to take the missus out on the ‘turn of the century ‘ 900 Trophy would be a fine steed. And wouldn’t break the bank!

    • …or a triple? BSA Rocket or Triumph Trident…

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