Where two roads meet

Highway 41 & Route 21 – Mid ride was held at The Point roadside diner. Skillet plate of eggs, sausage links, hash browns and a couple of pancakes, all washed down with coffee. Mostly overcast with the odd patch of blue sky. Bikes running well for a fine Sunday afternoon trip.

One Comment to “Where two roads meet”

  1. That sounds like a day out.
    I love the food sign.. Fish and Chips.! And.. Icelandic Cod. Fabulous.
    Being in the USA and given what we “outsiders” expect to be on a US diner menu.. that was something of a surprise to me. A nice surprise. So.. it is like home then.
    When can I come over.. can you put me up for a day or two.
    I’ll take you’se both out for F&C..
    Trust both are well.
    W x

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