GP Champ

The Kentucky Kid – Sad news in the motorcycling world today: racing champ Nicky Hayden died of his juried sustained from a cycling accident in Italy. He had currently been part of the World Superbike Championship. As an up and coming young racer he won the Moto GP in 2006 using his eminent talent as a teammate to Valentino Rossi with Repsol Honda. RIP 

One Comment to “GP Champ”

  1. Tragic isn’t it.
    When the BBC had it’s own production team for MotoGP events until about 3 seasons ago, our hero was a regular subject for interviews.And what a lovely lad he seemed to be. He had that laconic drawl, so “down-home~y’all” and a warm and engaging personality.
    He used to be interviewed by a BBC staffer.. Suzy Perry, can you remember her.? She is a gorgeous creature and very bike racing savvy.. the pair of them flirted outrageously, and it was a joy to watch.
    I didn’t know him, never met him, but I really did like him.
    So, so sad.

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