Mr & Mrs

Stylin’! – Motorcycle clothing can ensure unqualified coolness; but make sure you have the hair-do, heels and neckscarf to compliment the look otherwise forget it! Cafe’d moto is a late Sixties Honda CB450 Black Bomber. Sunglasses are aviator. Silk cravat? Pure Carnaby Street…

2 Comments to “Mr & Mrs”

  1. Ah but.!
    Ah but.!
    Ah but.!
    You didn’t say who the dashed up dudes were.. do you know.?
    He is the fashion/style photographer Patrick Anson who travelled as Lord Lichfield, a cousin to the Queen.
    In 2005, He had been out shooting for about 12 days on the trot, got soaked a number of times and died suddenly, unexpectedly from a chill.
    She, was Mrs Peter Sellers, but at the time this photo was taken, probably the delish’ Britt Ekland, then hanging on staunchly to Mr Rod Stewart. It ended badly, and worse, all these years later she never misses the chance to take a cheap shot at him. For his part, he has moved on. Many times.
    This photo shows a number of things, how old it is [ 40 + years.?] how amazing that we both are still here looking at it and, in truth, even today Britt is still a good looking [old ] girl.
    Triumph Scrambler with TEC improvements, and almost local to you once, at Ponteland. Look him up on Youtube.. TEC.!
    Amazing and

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