Gina Vanucci & the Fifth Earl of Lichfield

Lords & Ladies – I was kindly informed that yesterday’s post were society photographer Patrick Anson, also known as Lord Lichfield, and Swedish actress, and ex-wife of Peter Sellers, Britt Ekland. Being in the thick of the swinging sixties he was always surrounded by beautiful women. A better view of that Honda.

3 Comments to “Gina Vanucci & the Fifth Earl of Lichfield”

  1. Oooooh ‘eck.!
    Gina thingy.. where does she fit into this.?
    I could find no Google reference, nor Wiki’ so.. who she.?
    Do you mean Gina Romantica.. a part Miss Ekland payed in a stinker of a flic.?
    If I may say..
    I was on the disco scene in the 1970’s.. it was my time. Heavenly. More dancing partners than a body could trip over.
    And all too often hair really was like this.. borderline Gay, which is fine, except you really did have to check quite who was approaching, or beside you etc,, too easy to get into trouble
    Can you remember Larry Grayson, the camp comic on tv.. he had it sorted.. “Have a Gay day”
    “Shut that door.!”

    • Spot On! P.S. worst film After the Fox. A dreadful mess with Victor Mature. Gina Vanucci was her film role name within the film. I remember The Generation Game with Brucie! Larry Grayson was the openly ‘gay’ chap on BBC… or was that John Innman? Or some character on It ain’t half hot mam. Or going further back Kenneth Williams on Round the Horn with his polari slang…

      Disco? I was too young for that 70’s lark.. did you have bell bottoms?

  2. Flares..?
    Did I ever.. just like Travolta, better dancer, better looking.. chick killer.!
    [ He lies.]
    Kenneth Williams in anything, but especially Round the Horn.

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