Royal Air Force – turns 100 today. From beginnings during The Great War, through protection of various Empirical Territories it revealed its true strength in the skies over England during The Battle of Britain where, in Churchill’s words “Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few,”

4 Comments to “Spitfire”

  1. Wow…..I was expecting a bike….Love the Spitfire and this is a lovely shot……great post to appreciate 100 years of the RAF….

  2. Hi GB. If you haven’t caught the movie “Spitfire” then do so…! IT’s absolutely marvelous, as it isn’t a documentary (although it does tell the story of R J Mitchell and the creation of the Spitfire from the Schneider Tropy winning Supermarine S5 racing floatplane etc. It has great footage with people who flew the plane, including the ATA ladies who of course are now abt 100yo, Well worth catching. Cheers

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