Remember to lean into the corner

Mike the Bike – born this day in 1940 Mike Hailwood went on to become one of the most naturally talented road racer of all time. As well as a maestro at GP in all sized engines he could also beat the best of ’em at the Isle of Man TT. His 1978 comeback for the Senior TT is the stuff of legend. Mike looks most comfortable as pillion to James Bond Film actress and ’69 Miss World Eva Rueber-Staier on a Triumph motorcycle. photo taken at Thruxton, UK, on 1st August 1971

He was awarded the George Medal for bravery after pulling Clay Regazzoni from his burning F1 car at the S Africa Grand Prix in 1973.

One Comment to “Remember to lean into the corner”

  1. Stanley Michael Bailey Hailwood..
    To my mind and that of countless bike journalists, the greatest racer ever.
    There have always been those that contest him, Rossi only wants that title, but..
    At the age of 27 Hailwood retired with all his titles intact, Honda his employer had withdrawn and there was nowhere else to go. So other than the odd international event, and guest rides, by the start of the 1970’s he had moved into car racing, looking backwards at the bikes.
    Still for many of us, the greatest ever, Ever.

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