Seedy Selection

Choices (Part 2) – the Swiss Army like Tiger 800 which is a Do-it-all machine or the burly second generation Speed Triple the Muscle from East Leicestershire. Any color as long as it’s black!

2 Comments to “Seedy Selection”

  1. Have you been at the sauce.. again.!?
    There is no question which way to go.. you know that.
    And there really is only one answer, or rather.. 2~3 perhaps.
    You are a Triumph man thro to the bone.. so disconsider everything else, however sexy.
    And then think..
    1] Tiger 800 trail.. as your go-to, daily do-everything..
    2] A Bonnie’.. but which.? Like me as you are fine, big lad.. I think.. so, a Scrambler.. with a tweaked motor and cycle parts.
    Here in the UK we have a chap from your area, near Newcastle, who trades as TEC and has info films on Youtube. I have gotten a little friendly with him and he is a nice fellow, and sorted. I like what he does for the Bonneville models and especially, the Scramblers.
    Were I able, THIS is where my money would go.
    And there must be similar in the US to assist.?
    3] Keep the original Bonnie for special days days, for vintage shows, anything..
    Lucky you, what a dilemma.. if you do a crowd-funding thingy.. do let me know.

    • I’m thinking the New Bonnie (and Thruxton) are too small for me. That’s why I’m drawn to the Tiger. My hip has been dodgy this last week so kick starting gets less attractive. Also another issue.. which I will discuss off-line in an email.

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