One, Two, Three, Four

Four Square- more offerings from the Ringwood motorcycle emporium. Delicious BSA Goldstar in immaculate condition, one lung and splendid mirrored chrome tank emblazoned with the gold star representing Wal Handley’s ton lap at Brooklands in ’37. Green lane ready Triumph Trophy Trail, half liter of long legged fun. Norton & Beeza goodies: one a TT special willing for speed, the other a doughty sloper ready for a lazy countryside jaunt. Finally a hefty Laverda 3C Triple, 1000cc of Italian grunt; just need a quiet afternoon along Lago Maggiore…

One Comment to “One, Two, Three, Four”

  1. Nice post.. well done you.
    On here are two of my lifelong favourites.. a DBD34 Gold Star, and.. sigh.. a Triumph TR5T Adventurer, for my money the very nicest bike Triumph made in period. A lovely thing. Even better with a Yellow panelled tank IMO.
    Just lovely, well done.. good post.
    Enjoy your day.
    Grey and o’cast here, but warm enough. Apparently we are to have a heatwave next week.. something to look forward to then.

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