Panthera tigris – what could be considered the do-it-all Daley Thompson of the motorcycle world. An 800cc triple with drive-by-wire throttle offering improved fuel economy; traction control for sure road grip; cruise control, auto-cancel indicators, an advanced trip computer; and multiple driving modes such as on/off-road and rain. Hardware upgrades such as engine-protection bars, an aluminum sump guard, a center stand improve usability.

Hear it ROAR!

2 Comments to “Kitty”

  1. We two.. you and I both.. know where ultimately this is going.
    Your friend in the Triumph shop often has has fabulous deals.. way to go, perhaps.?
    Sunshine here, tho not particularly warm, however.. a heatwave next week.! Up to 90f , not seen since 1976.! Apparently..

    • I sat astride the Tiger and it was a comfy stance. The Twins felt small to my 6’5” frame. As you’ve said all along the Tigers are really the multi-taskers of the motoworld.
      Was hot here last weekend. Over 100 heat index with humidity … NOT my kind of weather.
      We’re off to Colorado for a week and a half this weekend. Summer vacation. Gettin’ outta town!

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