Deux Chevaux – like some giant upturned orange wheelbarrow this Citröen 2CV was parked up near Morries Place last weekend. Developed in France after the 2nd World War as an economical family transport it was spare in detail but complete in purpose. Over 9 million of these cars and their variants were manufactured over 42 years. It’s up there in motoring history with the Ford Model T, VW’s Beetle, Fiat’s 500, and BMC’s Mini.

2 Comments to “L’orange”

  1. SNAP 🙂 We just had 8 days in Hawai’i (was a great break and de-stressed me from several months on a busy project) and there was a bright red Deux Chevaux parked near our hotel every day which I found incongruous enough to also photograph. It definitely stood out from the otherwise generic mix of huge pickups or every variety of Japanese sedan otherwise filling the local roads. Cheers, Les

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