quelle? moi inquiète?

Belle femme numéro cinq a Vendredi – End of the week. Finally! And we’re off on holiday! Finally too! Here’s a new Bonnie T100 with shredded jeans clad lassie looking a tad serious. Let’s get this show on the road!

2 Comments to “quelle? moi inquiète?”

  1. Holiday.?
    What, where to, who with as well as the missus..
    Damnation.. why does no-one ever tell me.!
    Enjoy your holiday, wherever you go.. just remember the Anglo seaside hot-spots.
    I like Black and White crumbly Humbug Rock.. and, no-one EVER gets me any.. not to much to ask is it.?
    See what you can do dear boy.
    Have a hip and groovy time.
    Glorious here, almost hot, I trust it will be for your trip too.

  2. Oops.!
    I have just read your post-post comments on the “Kitty” post [?]..
    I did not realise that you had added further comment, with details of the holiday. So that’s me up to speed then.. perhaps.
    Still.. B&W Humbug rock.. that’s a grand fellow.
    Have a lovely time.

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